Three quick pieces of news. First, the wonderful Ink & Papercuts blog is hosting a giveaway of The Fire Eye Refugee. Registering to win a free copy of the ebook just requires a like and linking a friend through this Facebook link. And it’s a good time to read The Fire Eye Refugee because the release of the sequel The Fire Eye Chosen is approaching.


The blog will also host a Q&A with me, up shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, I’ve got a guest blog post up there where I talk a bit about my writer’s journey, linking it all to one of my all-time favorite literary scenes from the book Gormenghast. Its ‘climate of sharp and dangerous breath’ helped launch me as a writer. The post also contains a hint about one of the three hidden elements in the cover to Night of the Chalk. Send me a note if you find it and I’ll give you a free copy or something. We’ll work it out.

Cheers. Enjoy. Be well.