Headlock Goes on Tour

Hey Readers!
We’re going on tour! A blog tour to be precise. Let me explain via a quick Q & A format.

Wait, what?
Good question. What this means is that a bunch of book bloggers are going to discuss The Headlock of Destiny from June 9th thru June 15th. It’s like a real tour except no one will make bad decisions on a tour bus. And instead of concerts there are blog posts. There will still be a ton of rocking though. And probably bad decisions. 

So, why do I care?
Another great question! You might not, and that’s cool, but if you are interested in hearing people’s reactions to this wild and weird book and want to find and meet some cool bloggers (who review lots of great books and media), you should swing by their blogs on the dates below. Send them a nice note, subscribe to their feeds/newsletters, or just leave a comment. Or don’t, that’s fine too, just don’t steal anything while you’re there.  

In other news, the audiobook version of Headlock is coming together. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Cheers,  Sam

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