Hi Readers, so much to tell you, starting with the release of The Fire Eye Chosen! The sequel to Kay’s adventures is loose in the world. In it, a new enemy threatens the peace Kay has worked tirelessly for, and Kay must hope her magic will finally awaken, her only chance to light the way through the approaching wave of blood and smoke.

To celebrate, I’m having a massive sale of all my books. The Fire Eye Refugee is free for a limited time and all three of The Spies of Dragon and Chalk books are just $0.99. Best time ever to stock up for summer reading.

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And as you’re stocking up, I can’t recommend The Dragon Songs Saga enough. It’s a quartet of great books bundled for just $0.99 for a limited time which feature epic battles, deep-rooted conspiracies, and the magic of music.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at gatelysamuel@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

I’ve got a fun guest blog post up over at The Fantasy Book Critic, a great site for reviews of the latest excellent fantasies, thrillers, sci fi, and other reads. The post is linked here. It’s got everything (well, mostly guitars and some debate about traditional versus indie publishing). Bit of a teaser below to suck you in.

Back in high school, I fell for guitars in a big way. My dad taught me the four chords to Runaround Sue, which I later realized was the full extent of his own expertise, on an old nylon string acoustic we had lying around. That might have been it, me pounding away on a pretty crappy guitar for a week or two before getting bored, but my older brother had also caught the bug at some point. He had gone as far as purchasing a barely-touched Yamaha electric. It was a Stratocaster ripoff. It was black. It looked vastly cooler on me when I finally figured out how to strap it on. A few tentative trips from my bedroom to look in the bathroom mirror was all it took to make this my latest obsession.

Music had always been a love of mine, again most thanks go to the older brother who raised me on a steady diet of metal and hard and alternative rock. But in retrospect the timing of my guitar obsession probably had a lot to do with my fading basketball hopes and dreams. I’d been a grade school star who barely made the lowest tier of high school ball and quickly recognized I was done. I’d spent hours every night practicing on our driveway hoop. That energy had to go somewhere. And it did, big time. 

For the next several years…continue reading over at the FBC

Three quick pieces of news. First, the wonderful Ink & Papercuts blog is hosting a giveaway of The Fire Eye Refugee. Registering to win a free copy of the ebook just requires a like and linking a friend through this Facebook link. And it’s a good time to read The Fire Eye Refugee because the release of the sequel The Fire Eye Chosen is approaching.


The blog will also host a Q&A with me, up shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, I’ve got a guest blog post up there where I talk a bit about my writer’s journey, linking it all to one of my all-time favorite literary scenes from the book Gormenghast. Its ‘climate of sharp and dangerous breath’ helped launch me as a writer. The post also contains a hint about one of the three hidden elements in the cover to Night of the Chalk. Send me a note if you find it and I’ll give you a free copy or something. We’ll work it out.

Cheers. Enjoy. Be well.

Hope you are well and enjoying the early signs of Spring. I wanted to let you know that The Spies of Dragon and Chalk series is bundled (ebook version) and wildly discounted. Just $2.99 (or £1.99) to get all three books for a limited time. Good opportunity to stock up.

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Also, I’m nearing completion on the first draft of The Fire Eye Chosen, sequel to The Fire Eye Refugee. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at gatelysamuel@gmail.com with any questions or comments.


Fire Eye Cover - High ResolutionThe Fire Eye Refugee is on sale for a short time. Just $0.99 (£0.99)! 

I hope everyone has been enjoying their early 2018. I’m excited to announce this Fire Eye Refugee sale (for ebook only, paperback available at usual price) and I’m pleased to announce I’ve been making some great progress on a sequel to the book. It will be called The Fire Eye Chosen. Look for it in late Spring.

When The Fire Eye Chosen is ready for release, I’ll be putting out an exclusive opportunity for members of the mailing list to receive advanced review copies – meaning I’ll provide a free copy of the new ebook (or .pdf file) if you express your willingness to leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. If you’re not already signed up for the mailing list, go for it.

I’ll provide more details, but just wanted to let you know in case you haven’t read The Fire Eye Refugee…now’s the time to do it! And I think you’ll like it.

In it, a spy must face her past or risk death in exile. Reviewers have called it “intense”, “a nice mix of fantasy, magic, and imperfect characters”, “well-written and entertaining”, and other nice stuff.

If you’ve already read FER, you can always catch up on the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series. Or read Kings of the Wyld. That book is amazing. You’ll thank me later.



It was a fantastic and exhausting year for me. In 2017, I released three books in the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series. Night of the Chalk (the story which haunted my dreams the last five years), Rise of the Falsemarked, and Alliance of the Sunken. And then The Fire Eye Refugee hit Amazon a couple months ago. It’s been a wild ride.

I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who helped me out this year, those in my life who’ve lent me their time, support, and patience, and those I’ve met through writing and reading who have been generous enough to spend their time looking at my words…the ultimate act of kindness.

I’ve only got one “ask” in this email…if you’ve enjoyed any of the SDC books and feel up to leaving a review for the Boxed Set of Books 1-3, I would love to get a few more up there. Thank you kindly.

I hope you had an amazing and fulfilling 2017. Wishing you the best for 2018. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at gatelysamuel@gmail.com with any questions or comments.


Exciting news. The Night of the Chalk was recently awarded semi-finalist status in the brutally competitive Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off competition. You can read more about the competition here.

The book was nominated by the Fantasy Book Critic Blog, who provided a great review which included:

I want to read more of the intriguing world that Samuel Gately has created and he has marked himself out as a writer to watch out for. Night Of The Chalk is definitely a debut that I would recommend for those looking for something different than the usual cup of action fantasy tales.

Read the full review here and check out the Fantasy Book Critic’s other recommendations.

Fingers crossed that Night of the Chalk reaches the finals. We’ll learn soon. (and it’s still just $0.99)

The Fire Eye Refugee is just $0.99 for a limited time to celebrate its release and to thank everyone who nominated it for the Kindle Scout program. Get your copy today. Also available in paperback.

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Official Blurb:

A spy must face her past or die in exile. 
As lanterns stream up towards the Fire Eye, a woman weaves through the crowd, eyes down. Kay is a fetch, a finder of lost children, and she’s been saddled with a case she couldn’t refuse. A child is missing among the refugees beyond the walls. Before she is found, Kay will face her past as an exile, the loyalties which divide her by heart and blood, and an enemy who would have his spy back on her leash or content himself to watch her hang. A killer has returned to the city, war looms, and, above it all, the Fire Eye hangs open, watching. 
A new adventure from the author of the thrilling Spies of Dragon and Chalk series, The Fire Eye Refugee is an epic fantasy that will appeal to readers of Scott Lynch, Daniel Polansky, and Leigh Bardugo.