The Headlock of Destiny – Title Reveal

I’ve been hard at work on a new series of books, and I couldn’t be more excited to get your reaction. It’s a fantasy / pro wrestling mash-up which takes all the fun, adventure, and imagination of epic fantasy and stuffs it into the wrestling ring, drawing on some of the great and inspiring characters from the Golden Era of wrestling. A cross between the Royal Rumble and Game of Thrones if you will. One squared circle to rule them all. I had a blast writing this book, which is scheduled for release in early March 2020. I hope you’re excited to read it.

So what does the title mean? The Headlock of Destiny is a wrestling tournament, really the wrestling tournament, that pits all the Open Nations against each other in single elimination combat with only the barest effort towards things like rules. The book takes you through the experiences of characters trapped within the cruel confines of the tournament bracket, especially one who truly feels that his own destiny has placed him in a headlock and is dragging him forward into battles which will shake the world and change his life forever.

Hope you’re excited! Any comments or questions, just hit me up. Thanks!

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