Alliance of the Sunken

What if James Bond carried a sword and worked for a dragonarmy?

When the Queen’s daughter went missing, her abductors left no clue beyond a set of wet footprints in the halls. Years later, the footprints have returned, ending at the door of her only remaining child. Master spy Aaron Lorne has been summoned to the city of Surdoore to unravel the mystery. 

It will draw him and his team deep below the city, under dark waters and into the shark-infested harbor, for the city does not sleep easily. Beneath, something grows restless in its prison.

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Alliance of the Sunken, the third Spies of Dragon and Chalk adventure, combines elements of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and crime noir into a thrilling world of epic fantasy. 

Each book in the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series gets better — more complexities with the characters, an ever expanding world and, to be honest, a narrator who is growing with the characters and the world. I fly through these books. It’s not just the action, it’s the pacing, the dialogue, the characters.  – Amazon Reviewer