The Fire Eye Chosen

Can this spy ignite the fire inside her and fulfill her destiny?

The city’s children are missing and Kay the fetch’s struggle to bring them home has led to nothing but dead ends. It is no typical enemy which hides in the shadows. It is a force that will threaten the peace Kay has worked tirelessly for. As the Fire Eye shines down upon her, Kay must hope her magic will finally awaken, her only chance to light the way through the approaching wave of blood and smoke.

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A sequel to The Fire Eye Refugee, hailed as “action-packed, sharp, and exquisite”, The Fire Eye Chosen is an epic fantasy of magic and mystery.

Wow! I just finished the book. The final half was page turning action driven by the heroine Kay. She is your guide through the palaces, dingy clubs, and headwaters all under the light of the Fire Eye. There’s a mystery of missing children she is driven to find while supported by a posse of diverse characters at her side. The leads that Kay and her team chase down often bring them into brutal riveting fights. (Reminiscent of 40’s film noir detective movies). When Kay encounters the architects of chaos, the fantasy elements incredibly come through the characters and their motivations. That’s when I got hooked and didn’t stop reading. The evolution of Kay throughout the story was the greatest mystery that kept me enthralled. She was a beast towards the end – any time you saw an opportunity for her to rest, she comes barreling back into the action driven by her mission. She is an inspiring and heroic female lead. Count me a fan. I’m ready for more Mr. Gately. – Amazon Reviewer