Open, Fire Eye, Close Series

The Open, Fire Eye, Close series features a spy fighting for her survival in a world of magic and mystery.

In The Fire Eye Refugee, Kay has found her calling as a fetch, a finder of lost children, and she’s just been saddled with a case she couldn’t refuse. A child is missing among the refugees beyond the walls. Before she is found, Kay must face her past as an exile, the loyalties which divide her heart, and an enemy who would have his spy back on her leash or content himself to watch her hang.

“Action-packed. Sharp. Exquisite.” – Ink & Papercuts

“…a very entertaining mix of Indiana Jones, meets Sherlock Holmes, and American History X, with a little bit of fire magic thrown in for fun.” – Books to Combat the Rain

Fire Eye Cover - High Resolution

Kay the fetch returns in The Fire Eye Chosen. The city’s children are missing and her struggle to bring them home has led to nothing but dead ends. It is no typical enemy which hides in the shadows. It is a force, awakened deep below the city streets, which will threaten the peace Kay has worked tirelessly for. As the Fire Eye shines down upon her, Kay must hope her magic will finally awaken, her only hope in lighting the way through the approaching wave of blood and smoke.

Fire Eye Chosen - Version 2