Spies of Dragon and Chalk Series

Get the Spies of Dragon and Chalk adventures in one package. The hot new fantasy series that dares to imagine a world where James Bond carries a sword and works for a dragonarmy. Mind the falling blades, blood, and whiskey. A cocktail blending notes of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and crime noir into a thrilling world of epic fantasy.

SDC w RFM backing

Or get started with The Night of the Chalk. Two spies. Five nights. A weapon that will change their world.

Cal has been squandering his time on cards and drink since his old partner Aaron Lorne vanished. A midnight summons changes all that. Aaron is back in the city, enemies on his heels. Dragons have returned to the world. And Aaron holds the secret to unlocking their loyalties and claiming the skies.

Greedy government agents, entitled nobility, and ruthless street gangs all hunger for a piece of this new power. On top of that, the stunted, shadow-loving Chalk have been sighted in the city. Together, the spies must scheme and fight for their prize. And keep themselves out of a shallow grave.