January 2017 Update


I’m having a great day listening to some old Oasis concerts and researching Amazon keywords (and trying not to yell at my dogs too much) and figured I’ve reached peak messiness on this website. So here’s a quick update to sort things out for any random visitors.

I’ve completed Night of the Chalk, which is the first book in the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series. I’ve also completed Rise of the Falsemarked, the second installment in SDC. Both of them will be available on Amazon shortly. Just waiting on the final covers…you can see the custom illustrations in previous posts. Each book is a standalone adventure, but RFM does build on some of NOC’s events, so all things being equal better to start with NOC.

I’ve started the third SDC book and it will be called Alliance of the Sunken unless I have a change of heart. I’m guessing Spring or Summer of 2017.

Before that book, I’ve got another nearly ready to go. It is called Open Fire-eye Close. It takes place in the same world but without the titular dragons or Chalk in the SDC series.

Don’t hesitate to send a note to gatelysamuel at gmail if you have any questions or comments.



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