New books on the horizon.

A few exciting pieces of news I wanted to share.

Firstly, I entered Night of the Chalk in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO) competition to fight it out with a murderer’s row of talent. The overall contest is just warming up, but NOC cover received some love and made the finals of the cover competition, ultimately coming in at about #8 out of 300 (depending on how you tally the score). Read more about the overall contest here and the cover contest and results here. SPFBO is a great way to learn about new indie fantasy books.

Secondly, I’m entering final edits on what has been to date called Open, Fire-eye, Close (you may have seen the preview chapter at the end of Rise of the Falsemarked). The new working title is The Fire-Eye Refugee, and it is shaping up to be pretty kickass in my own humble opinion. A sidestep from The Spies of Dragon and Chalk series, but still fantasy steeped in intrigue. More tantalizing previews to come.

Thirdly and finally, I finished the first draft of the third Spies of Dragon and Chalk book Alliance of the Sunken. And then collapsed in a heap. This is only the first step in a long journey, but keep your eyes peeled for the continuing adventures of Aaron and Cal…as early as Fall 2017?

That’s all for now. Hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Thanks for reading,

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