The Fire Eye Refugee is Out!

The Fire Eye Refugee is just $0.99 for a limited time to celebrate its release and to thank everyone who nominated it for the Kindle Scout program. Get your copy today. Also available in paperback.

Fire Eye Cover - title crop

Official Blurb:

A spy must face her past or die in exile. 
As lanterns stream up towards the Fire Eye, a woman weaves through the crowd, eyes down. Kay is a fetch, a finder of lost children, and she’s been saddled with a case she couldn’t refuse. A child is missing among the refugees beyond the walls. Before she is found, Kay will face her past as an exile, the loyalties which divide her by heart and blood, and an enemy who would have his spy back on her leash or content himself to watch her hang. A killer has returned to the city, war looms, and, above it all, the Fire Eye hangs open, watching. 
A new adventure from the author of the thrilling Spies of Dragon and Chalk series, The Fire Eye Refugee is an epic fantasy that will appeal to readers of Scott Lynch, Daniel Polansky, and Leigh Bardugo.

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